Cambridge Audio Azur 540D


Professor Frink

I see that the CA Azur 540D dvd player is on sale at RS for £249. It seems to have a very good spec including pal and NTSC PS, DVD-A. The CA Azur 540C CD player has had very good reviews, will this unit be the same? It widens the choice of sub £250 pal PS / DVD-A players.

You can check it out here:
Bought the 540D and 540R and have no complaints so far.

Most amusing was telling the player to output PAL Progressive via the RGB into an ancient Sony Vega... Ha ha ha ! (poor telly, I musnt take the ******)
Thanks Ovation, that is very informative.
I am still interested in the DVD layer change time though.
Not huge but does give a pause especially on pain in the arse discs like Enemy At the Gates where the layer changes AFTER EVERY BLOODY SCENE! :mad:.
Just by chance, I saw a tech attempting to repair a CD Player of the brand Cambridge Audio.

I was attracted by the shinny copper cans covering some components. One was round, supposedly screening a toroidal transformer.
When he lifted it, we saw a very small conventional square transformer.

Why it is covered with a round copper can? Is the can really copper or just plated.

Since some people confuse this brand with other manufacturers based on Cambridge, I think it is good to know...

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