cambridge audio azur 540d v2 upscaling colour problem


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hello. just got an azur 540d v2. sweet audio but i seem to have a problem with
upscaling video above 576p. anything below has correct colour but anything above (720p,1080i,1080p) has good resolution but utterly wrong colour tint. almost opposite to natural colour.

my tv is not top end. its not native resolution for 720p etc. it a lg 22ls4r 22"
i think its native resolution is 1680x1050. and its 16:10 not 16:9 resolution

i have put hd material through it before using dvi and my digibox supposedly upscales it images through hdmi to 1080i so im i cant think for the life of me why
it wont correctly upscale the dvd image above 576p??? i know there could some odd colour space issue going on as it is sd material converting to a hd signal but why???


its being switched through a cambridge audio 340r via hdmi. dont know if that may help? or not???:confused::confused::confused:


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im going to try a different cable and hooking it straight into the tv to see if there is any difference.

anybody have any other ideas??:lease:


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I have just had an identical problem. If anyone can shed any light - I'd be REALLY grateful !

I have been running my Cambridge 540D v2 DVD player for approx 2-3 years now, without a hitch, and have been pleased with it. Mine too is switched via a Cambridge 540R v3 AV amp, and then into Pioneer Kuro 4280. All via HDMI connections.

Suddenly today without warning all the colours from the DVD player were switched round: Red = Blue Blue=Red. As per mredvers post below, I only have the problem at higher resolutions. So I think it must be a problem with the upscaling in the DVD player, or else the scaling in the TV (because I think the TV rescales the image it receives?)

I'm fairly certain (though not absolutely sure) that it isn't the TV, because I still get images from my Virgin V+ cable box without any problem. I then switched the HDMI cable, and also taking the AV amp out of the loop and running the DVD player direct to the TV. Neither of these have any effect.

So, can anyone suggest what is going on - is the Cambridge DVD player faulty? (I think I have an extened Richer Sounds warranty, so can take it back).



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definitely try a new hdmi from dvd to amp. it worked for me! and would be good to eliminate cable problems first


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Thanks. I've already tried replacing the HDMI cable (with a cable that I know works from my cable box to the amp), but it had no effect. However this other cable I tried was identical to the one that I replaced it with.

Thanks for your help.

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