Cambridge Audio Azur 540D review?


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Apologes for starting a new thread when I have something similar underway

I've tried searching, but..........does anyone know if the Cambridge Audio Azur 540D (AV receiver) has been reviewed yet?


And what can you tell us about it? pros and cons? opinions?



Weeeellll, from memory, here goes:

From Richer Sounds, the Cambridge Audio 'Azur' range includes the 540D reciever and the 540R DVD player.

I purchased both for approx £499 including a free QED digital cable (ta Richer)

The unit:

The reciever comes with a very nice feeling alu faced remote control but sadly, this does not feature any DVD functions.

The layout is clear and easy to read but if you have the Azur DVD player, you will pick up the wrong remote!

The main unit has all of the basic functions with a very blue VFD display and a nice thick alu front panel which considering the price (£249 in the UK) makes it 'feel' like a quality product. Its a nice matt finish as opposed to the brushed alu finishes you get with just about everything else.

One critism would be the the labelling on the silver units is quite light and some may find it difficult to read.

Connecting up:

Connection is very simple, with banana/ spade speaker terminals all colour coded if required. There is provision for Component switching which some find very important (depends on your display).

All the connections are standard with nothing scary, my existing leads (TAG) all connected without fuss, not too over tight as I have found with some equipment.

There are plenty of coax/optical and analog connections plus an anlalog '6.1' bypass


Now I am used to a full DVD32R/AV32R DP/ 100x5, its no boast, its my job and I have to use it.

You have the use of: DTS, DTS-ES, discrete/ matrix, DTS Neo, DD-EX, PLII (five modes of PLII) plus 'direct' , a bit like a party mode plus the usual 'hall', 'stadium' etc.

After connecting the Cambridge up and playing the obvious DVDs for sound and vision (Matrix, Gladiator etc) I was very impressed!

Being spoilt with high end has left me out of touch with the value end of the market and I can say manufacturers are catching up!

In stereo the 540 gives 100W @ 8 Ohms into two channels which drove my aging 753's quite easily. The sound is best described as 'warm' and 'detailed' verging on a 'soft' approach (compared to the no holds TAG system)

(I've had the 753's ten years and they are my bench mark, stuff either sounds better than or worse than)

Surround material is as I expected, 'not bad for the price'. Good steering, good sense of presence with more complex audio, perhaps a 'softness' creeping in with the harsh sounds of the 'Matrix' helicopter scenes.

Overall, I would recommend this if you are moving from an 'all in one' system to separates as there is scope for upgrading the amps (I will be looking at using a TMA 700x7R as an upgrade).

I hope this helps, Spectre; sorry if its in the wrong place, feel free to move it.

If you have any further questions, you know were I am!



thankx for your review roversd1.

Just one question: did the receiver and the player came with the connector cables out-of-the-box or did you bought them separately (or did you already had them) ?????

It may sound a stupid question but i wanted to know...

Ed Selley

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Cambridge see fit to supply you with a mains lead and some batteries for the remote. That's your lot.


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I have a feeling the wrong product numbers are being used here the AV Receiver should be the 540R and the dvd is the 540D I think !


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Had a quick look at one of these AV amps in Richer in Norwich at the weekend, I thought the build quality was surprisingly good for such a cheap amp. I would prefer it in black but it looks as though richer dont do the bloack version?

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
They will shortly- It is made in both colours, RS just didn't see fit to order any.

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