Cambridge Audio Aero 7.1 Speaker Review

cR4cKF0x 5TevE

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How would these compare to a Monitor Audio RS6, RSLCR, RSFX package? Would it represent an upgrade or a 'sideways' move?

Steve Withers

I think that would be more of a sideways Steve.


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Great review, looking forward for maybe Dali Zensor review in the future.

Steve Withers

I believe Ed will be reviewing a Dali speaker package this month.


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A very interesting review thank you. Having recently moved house my lounge is now not suitable for 7.1 but very intrigued by the idea if wiring up speakers to fire fore and aft. I actually think they look fine (very good indeed in the first picture) and even nicer looking designs tend to be hidden behind the grills in any case (well in my house anyhow). Think the Dalis may look better so look forward to the next review?


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I'm a long term lurker to the forums and I am so glad this review has been done.

I went and tested these speakers as well as MA bronze bx5's a few months ago and I have to say from a movie point of view these aeros were brilliant. I did think the MAs were slightly better for 2.0 music but as I'm doing a cinema room the aeros were purchased last week. I'll be running these with the Sony DN1040 and an Epson TW7200. I'll update once the rooms decorated and I've setup the kit.

Also the aeros look nicer in the walnut with grills off when seen in person.


edd handforth

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Thank you for the genuine review . but as you say they are just black boxes .which is really a shame .as quite a few members do tend to use the lounge with there cinema surround sounds . I was interested in Pauls remarks . and would appreciate a follow up from Paul

Edd handforth


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Sound And Vision Magazine has a review of the Bookshelf Cambridge Audio Aero 2 5.1 system. Though it is not on-line just yet. Though it should appear relatively soon.

The review is generally positive -

Performance = 5 Stars
Build Quality = 3.5 Stars
Value = 5 Stars

"Clear sonic window into the Midrange"

"Having heard the BMR technology in the company's excellent MINX Satellites, I suspected it would work well when Cambridge elevated it to the larger speakers - but it worked even better than I expected. Demo after demo, the Aeros got better and better, and I gradually pushed up the performance rating till I could push no further. What makes these unusual speakers even more remarkable is that they are so affordable. You needn't be a big spender to buy into a cool new technology that sounds fabulous."

Relatively soon the entire review should be on-line -

Equipment Reviews | Sound & Vision



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Edd, I'll do a follow up but I'm going to be delayed about 6-8 weeks! :(

Bought my first 125cc bike, fell off and shattered my wrist. Everything delayed!


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The Cambridge Aero review from Sound and Vision is now on line -

Cambridge Audio Aero 2 Speaker System | Sound & Vision

You can see from the photos that rather than a Dome Tweeter, the Aero have a flat driver that serves upper mids and highs.




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I have 2 Aero 6 and they sound really amazing compared to my previously owned JBL Northridge.
But now I'm thinking about
New Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 2015 model. Are they better than Aero?


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