Cambridge Audio A500 upgrade from A4?


I currently have a Cambridge Audio A4 bi-amped with the CA P500. However I've been thinking a remote for my amp would be pretty useful. More over because everything I have is remote controlled except for volume and source selection.

Being on a bit of a budget, I was thinking of trying to pickup a cheap Cambridge Audio A500, should go well with P500. So how much does the A500 differ from my A4? Is it much of an upgrade sound quality wise? And would the phono stage in my A4 be the same as the one for the A500? Otherwise are phono stages for A500 still available? (I am presuming the phono stage is an optional extra like my A4)

My other thoughts was a CA C500, but then I'd loose my bi-amping, which I find good to get my Gale's going. I don't really have the money or space for a second P500.

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