Cambridge Audio A5 Amplifier, 1 channel not working


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Mar 7, 2004
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Hi all, I have recently bought a new integrated amplifier, but my old cambridge audio a5 has one channel that doesn't work. It's definetly the channel on the amp as i have tried both speakers in each and they both work.
I was just wondering if it may be a common 'thing' that could be repaired, or just to say bye bye to it :)
I wanted to ask if anyone has any knowledge of it before i open it up to have a look! Can provide pictures if it may help :) Thanks in advance
Just a thought -
When I bought mine years and years ago, it was not long before I took it back as I had to have the balance pot at 3 o'clock rather than 12 to get a balanced signal. I was advised by the engineer that the amp was the decent bit and to get the low price the pots were el'cheapo ones, so I was stuck with it. So, may be check the vol or bal pot:rolleyes:
:hiya: hmm, will check it out then, i forgot to say, but with the speaker plugged in, you get a very faint humming/buzzing sound coming from it, whether that makes a difference or not i don't know :D
hmmm, sorry I would not know, I suppose its good its not totally dead....:rolleyes:
Lets hope someone with better electronic know how posts:thumbsup:
You could try checking the output from the pre-outs to see if you have both channels present there. If so, then the pre stage is good and the issue is in the power stage. I'm not 100% sure how this amp is setup, but if the pre stage is good, I'd expect the balance to be fine too.

If it is just the power stage that's gone, you could always partner it with a P500 power amp and just use your A5 as a pre-amp, as a final fall back measure. Not ideal, but better than the bin.

SOme amps have fuses for the output stage. I'm not sure about you amp however. Open her up and have a look, you may well get lucky :smashin:

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