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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by StuPittwood, Sep 10, 2004.

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    Looking to replace my Toshiba SD-42HK (which is dying) with seperate receiver/dvd player.

    I'm looking at the 540R because of it's price & it seems to have an ok feature set.

    Any opinions/comments/experiences on this model?

    I'd also probably go for a Cambridge audio DVD player (probably DVD 57 from richer sounds)

    Now .... I'm no expert with these things. would I be able to use the speakers from the tosh home cinema package (8ohm impedance i think) with this receiver?

    I also have a PS/2, Telewest cable box (scart only, do Scart to phono/svideo cables exist?) to hook up to this box can you see any probs there?

    my TV has two scart plus a svideo/phono socket on the side of the TV, would I get a better pricture with the Svideo or the phono?

    Thanks in advance

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    It has been positively reviewed but do note that some owners report a "click" through the speakers when a digital input engages. Some don't and the couple I have heard seem fine.

    Given that they don't look the same and cannot be controlled off the same remote, I would leave the 57 on the shelf and buy a Pioneer 575 instead as it does the works for >£150.

    Should be fine


    Leave the telewest box going straight into the TV but you could loop the PS2 throught the S-Vid switching with little detrimental effect- been doing it for years with my consoles.

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