Cambridge 540D vs. others


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I stay in India, here the CA 540D costs about 180 GBP. Unfortunately I cant test it before would be great if u guys can share ur opinions..

My requirements are music:movies 50:50, and my total budget is about 200 GBP adn I want player to do both the jobs as well as possible (I do understand there will be compromises somewhere), while I am sold out on the CA based on the reviews of it sonic quality, I was wondering how well it compares as far as picture quality goes with some of the cheaper players, the ones in my consideration are:

samsung dvd 1080P7/870 (60-65 GBP)
Philips 5986K
Pioneer 696AV (125 GBP)
CA DVD 99 (GBP 140)
Denon 1740 (GBP 180)

I was thinking whether getting one of the cheaper players with a cheap CD player would be better option, In this case I would be forced to buy the samsung or the Philips with maybe a yamaha CDX396 (130 GBP)

Which one do you guys think is the best option? feel free to suggest other models..

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