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I see that this forum has recently discussed comics so I thought I'd mention this collection of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

Click Me.

It's brilliant :) Apparently it has all the published strips in it. It's very heavy but looks great. I could also use this book in the 'most expensive book' thread as it cost me about £60, well, it cost the wife as she bought it for me as a wedding present :cool:

Are there any other C&H fans in here?

Theydon Bois

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I am :D I have the book on my Amazon wishlist, but you have reminded me to add it to my iPad RSS feeder. :smashin:

For anyone interested:

Calvin & Hobbes


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I used to have all the big compilation books which I believed were safe at my Mum and Dads. Recently decided to try dig them all out and there is no sign of them anywhere :( I am 99% convinced they threw them out and either can't remember or "can't remember"



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Love Calvin and Hobbs, I've had this collection for years now, still not managed to get through them all.

If you are wanting to buy it, I would look at either amazon uk or us over that link. Much cheaper, plus no VAT or relevant duties on imported books.


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I love C&H. I was sad when he stopped doing them, but perhaps it was for the best. My collection is also in a loft "somewhere", all that paper weighs a lot!

andrew markwort

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If you live near a big book shop, it's worth having a look for it in there because I've seen it heavily reduced in a couple of shops in the past (which is a bit annoying, because I paid full price for it when it first came out). There's a similar compilation of all the Far Side cartoons as well, if anyone's interested.

Theydon Bois

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Love the far side as well - I used to have the yearly one a day calendars and have a few of the collated large sized compilations :smashin:

Theydon Bois

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One thing I'd like is a collection of The Addams Family cartoons, I'd buy them in a shot.

From Wiki

Charles Addams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By Addams

Dear Dead Days, with The Addams Family on the cover.Books of Addams's drawings or illustrated by him[15]

Drawn and Quartered (1942), first anthology of drawings (Random House)
Addams and Evil (1947), an album of cartoons, (Simon and Schuster)
(illustrations) Afternoon in the Attic (1950), John Kobler’s anthology of short stories
Monster Rally (1950) his third anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Homebodies (1954) fourth anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Nightcrawlers (1957), fifth anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Dear Dead Days (1959), compilations book
Black Maria (1960), sixth anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Drawn and Quartered (1962) re-released (Simon & Schuster)
The Groaning Board (1964), seventh anthology of drawings
The Chas Addams Mother Goose (1967) Windmill Books
My Crowd (1970), eighth anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Favorite Haunts (1976), ninth anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster)
Creature Comforts, (1981), drawings
The World of Charles Addams, by Charles Addams (1991), posthumously compiled from works with the copyright owned by his second wife, later named Lady Barbara Cloyton (Knopf) ISBN 0-394-58822-3
Half - Baked Cookbook, by Charles Addams (2005), anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster) ISBN 0-743-26775-3
Happily Ever After: A Collection of Cartoons to Chill the Heart of Your Loved One, by Charles Addams (2006), anthology of drawings (Simon & Schuster) ISBN 9780743267779
The Addams Family: An Evilution (2010), about the evolution of The Addams Family characters ( arranged by H. Kevin Miserocchi) ISBN 978-0-7649-5388-0

One or two here: Charles Addams: Books

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