Calling Teac DR-H300DAB Owners! Check Yours!


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I'm trying to get to the bottom of the following issues with this unit and it would be a big help if you could make these checks on your Teac DR-H300DAB and post the results:

1 The volume should be 64-step (check the display while adjusting) but some units are only 32-step. 64 is 1.25dB per step, 32 is 2.5dB per step, which is too coarse - 1dB is one JND (just noticeable difference). More at:

2 This second check is more difficult and depends on whether you're conscious of the difference between true video pictures and film pictures which manifests in the way movement is portrayed - there's a brief "tutorial" below. If you have a DVD with true video recorded, try it in yours. (For example, I have a BBC promotional DVD with clips of popular sit-coms, most of which are true video as they were shot by television cameras and not subsequently converted to "film look".)

3 Check your software: In DAB or FM mode press INFO/REPEAT for more than 2s - unit will display "System Reset", press it again and it will display the software version.

I have two DR-H300DABs - both say they're running "Customer vC3.4" software - yet one is 64-step volume and plays true video ok, the other is 32-step volume and plays true video material in film mode.

More - lots more - on the DR-H300DAB at:

also checkout:

Flickr: newcoppiceman's Photostream

In true video, each complete picture (every 1/25s) is composed of two interlaced fields taken by an electronic video camera 1/50s apart, during which any motion in the scene is captured. A film camera captures a scene 25 times a second* and when conerted to video each interlaced field is derived from the same picture, so there is no movement between the fields. It's common these days in television production to process video-originated material to make it look like film because, for cultural reasons, we apparently prefer this, despite it being a reduced resolution mode - in the temporal (time) domain, that is, not the spatial domain. It seems odd, however, watching material we're accustomed to seeing in true video (eg Open All Hours, Fawlty Towers) in film mode and the DR-H300DAB should play true video as true video.

*Let's leave aside the complication that movie cameras shoot at 24fps!


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I bought a brand new dr h300p a few days ago (without dab). Good product, but the volume behaves as you mentioned, only 32 steps. Almost impossible to find the desired volume during night listening, level 1 is too low, 2 is high enough to awake my girlfriend. I can't find out the firmware version


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Thanks for the post qualcuno.

For the DAB model, p55 of the owner's manual states that in DAB or FM mode pressing the INFO/REPEAT button for more than 2s will display "System Reset" and pressing it again will display the software version, so this will probably work for you too.

Also, p20 of the same owner's manual, in describing control of the volume, may or may not include (00) and (63) after MIN and MAX respectively; I have two apparently identical manuals - one does, the other doesn't!

Checkout the other links in my original post to this thread when you get a moment and you'll discover a host of issues with this neat-but-flawed product!

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