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    Hi all,

    I Have just received the 8GB version of the samsung YP-T10 today and have noticed a slighly annoying issue with the end of tracks.

    I seem to be getting this slightly slushy interference sound at the very end of each track. But this only happens when I am using the DNSe options...has anybody else noticed this? I find it especially noticeable when using the user settings with the bass up a little?

    Perhpas I am just being fussy..I probably am but was just wondering if this is some kind of minor fault or a common problem..perhaps to do with the current firmware (v1.55) which I updated to almost as soon as I opened it up I have checked it with the older firmware now :(

    Anyway, any ideas would be helpful


    PS: Any sound setting suggestions for the EQ etc would be useful as I have no idea what I am doing with that?


    Just noticed that the player does this whenever the sound level on the track dips to silence or near silence :( quite irritating actually if it does it at silent points as well. I also just did a quick comparison with someones YP-K3 player and that did it as well, although not as badly and easily overlooked...think this must be some kind of problem to do with the DNSe processign then :(

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