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Calling Roksan Kandy MKIII owners

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Slugsy, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Slugsy


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    Posted this in an old Roksan thread and didn't get much response - so here's hoping.

    Here's my newbie experience and a couple of questions for you.

    I am about to get into Home Cinema but want to take the opportunity to improve my stereo quality as well. This forum has been very helpful so far - so thanks to all of you.

    I am leaning heavily towards a solution comprising AV Receiver and separate stereo amp. I visited my local Sevenoaks, and this reinforced the benefits of specialist shops to me. They were very friendly and helpful and set up a couple of stereo amps for me to listen to: Roksan Kandy MK III and a Rotel RB-03/RC-03 pre/power combo. I preferred the Kandy - IMO it had better control and detail, and was more "involving".

    Question: Could the Kandy MK III owners out there give me their longer-term experiences with this amp. I listen to "heavy rock", classcal music and vocal artisits.

    With regard to the AV Receiver side of things. I am leaning towards combining this with a Pioneer D1011. Does anyone have any experience of this combo or comments?

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