Calling all Yamaha 630, 730 & 1200 owners.

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Oct 7, 2001
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Have you tried the THX opti-mode test that is on “Star Wars 1” or “T2”.

If you have the 1E Bass Management option set to SWFR (not main or both) then on my DSP AX630 the sub works fine during the “Channel Test Tones” but I get nothing out of the Sub during the 200Hz to 20Hz sweep tone used for balancing the Sub to the Main speakers.

Is it just my amp or have Yamaha not conformed to something.

The .1 channel works fine during those films.

If I try the same test using the internal decoder on my Pioneer 626 DVD player then the .1 channel works fine during the sweep tone.

This should apply to the 630, 730 & 1200 range.

I would be interested to know what other owners find or even owners of other AV amps.
Not over familiar with the nitty gritty operation of these Yamaha amps, but how have you got the main speakers setup - Large or Small?

As I understand it, setting to Large will mean that no bass is cut from those channels and redirected to the subwoofer.
So if you then play a 5 or 6 channel sweep tone which does not contain any .1 LFE channel content, then you'll get nothing from the subwoofer, as no bass is being cut from the main (Large) channels and redirected to it.

The subwoofer will work fine during the channel tones, as the output is then directly to the subwoofer, and likewise LFE (.1)will work fine during movies, as this is a discrete channel and you've told the amp to send it to the sub (SWFR).

It may be working via the 626 as you expect, because the speakers sre set to Small on that unit.

Then again, could be something totally different :) :)
Thanks for your reply

All speakers are set to large.

My understanding is that that sweep tone is specifically to test the balance of the .1 channel and the 3 front channels. The DVD on screen graphics show during this chapter the 3 front speakers and the LFE channels highlighted indicating that those channels are active.

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