Calling All Velodyne Cht-10 Owners



I am interested in you sharing your thoughts / experiences / recomendations etc on the Velo. CHT-10. As you may guess i am undecided which sub to buy. I prefer the 10 due to it's physical size, and perhaps being slightly easier to change it's position, in the room if needed.
On the other hand i dont want to be dissappointed, and think i should have gone for the 15. :confused:

1. Could you tell me what Amp Speakers you have.

2. What is the size of your room.

3. How does it feel, as well as sound

4. Does it 'shut up' quickly or, have over running sound.

5. Could you compare it to any other sub.

My room is approx 17' x 15' and, i'm wondering how it will perform in it.
I have Denon 3802, with M&K K-7's and K-4's.

Many thanks for your help.

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