Calling all skinheads


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Now I'm not racist but ...

Only joking.

I've always had a shaved head, my wife does it for me using clippers once a week.

The past few months I've been getting a problem of 2 hairs trying to grow from the same follicle at different areas on the back of my head. It ends up feeling like a pimple or spot but never seems to be able to be popped like a spot. Eventually it goes away but usually another follows fairly soon.

Ive read up on the symptoms and it sounds like folliculitis, and probably a trip to the doctors.

Im not looking for medical advice but wondered if any head shavers have had similar and know of any grooming products that might help? I use t-gel shampoo. I'm not even sure it's related to shaving. I've also started changing my pillow case every few days.

Something seems to trigger it, it's a bit of a mystery.




Think it was reviewed on Amazon.


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Lol no it doesn't all come off. I should have said, it's just the lowest setting on the clippers.


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They might not both be hairs, have you considered that? One of them may be a tentacle or antenna. Could have a visitor.


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Freak ;)

No issues here.


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I shave my head once a week. No problem.

It could well be a horn and you’re turning into Satan. Time to do some good deeds to try to reverse it.


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Ingrowing hair maybe? I've been shaving my hair for the past few years but never had anything like this, just need to watch out for the odd, seemingly Wahl resistant, grey hair.

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