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I'm new to the forum and have been seriously thinking about a plasma and various AV equipment. Whilst doing the research on 42" plasma screens checking this forum and AV mags, everyone seems to rate the Panasonic W6, Pioneer434 or Hatatchi as the best plasmas around. Is this true?

No one seems to rate Sony, Philips or NEC. Some of these have better resolution and warranties than the Panny, Pionner etc.

NEC patented the first plasma (I'm led to beleive but stand corrected if wrong) and have recently been taken over by pioneer so that must say something.

So who is the daddy of them all and why? or is it all down to personal opinion :confused:

Thanks for all input into my quest for perfection


nec(are under rated saw a few in audio-ex window and they looked suberb)bezel a bit big though

there is no daddy as its very personal choice

buy you wont go wrong with either of these, just choose what you prefer higher rez? deeper blacks?

the choice is yours

;) ;) ;)


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I was in a similar position a while ago. The only real way is to decide with your eyes.

I went to Nexnix, where I could do a side by side comparison of 4 screens running the same source, on both dvd and sky. At the time my choice was panny 5 series or the pioneer. Art nexnix they had the hitachi and samsung as well.

tyhe samsung was pants IMO, the hitachi had the fan noise, but it was close between the pioneer and panny, went for the panny. The guys down there will point out what you need to look at.

When I went they used the beginning of Moulin Rouge, where they show the city, the detail for the windows etc. On the sky they used a live sports channel, can't remember which one.

Trust me you really need to know what to look out for, and the side by side comparison with the same source is the only way to go.

But what ever you decide to get will have a definate wow factor.
Good luck


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at 42" this is the Daddy! Price varies so much that it is impossible really NEC are commercial panels and very good but for TV use connections are limited and take a lot more work. Panny are good TV's as are PIO, Fujitsu are great if you can get the best out of them, limited connections and some odd specs mean they take somegetting right!


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Originally posted by P3450
Thanks horny dragon. I had half expected MAW to chuck his two pence in.
It getts boring offering the same advice day after, especially when it does result in sales! So you cant expect us to get too excited.... but if you fancy "the Daddy" LMK


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I definitely think the new NEC 42XM2S is worth an audition, especially at a price of just over £3000. Have a look over on for lots more info on it. If you are interested in a reasonably future-proof screen, it could be a good choice as it now has a DVI-HDCP input. Hope this helps.


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