Calling all Samsung owners ! HD 745 Firmware upgrade


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I have been e-mailing Samsung to try and get them to update the Firmware for the HD745 (still v1.0 is only available from their websites for the Europe english model) to address the well documented blacker than black on DVI and the NTSC/PAL manual switching issues.

I guess if all HD745, 945, 850 and 950 owners e-mail Samsung to request a fix (we all share similar issues) then something may happen.

Go on send that e-mail ! Got to be worth a try....................... :smashin:

Here is Samsungs UK link:


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Received reply from Samsung (below) will keep you updated on progress.

In the meantime keep emailing Samsung....

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

We have passed your enquiry to the relevant technical team who will be
in touch shortly, hopefully with a resolution to your issue.

I hope this has been of some assistance to you. If you do have any
further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Samsung Electronics UK
Customer Communication Center
Tel.: 0870 242 0303 (All calls charged at National Rate)


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Can we also add to the firmware list a fix to put the detail back in the pic...PJ ;)


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mmmmm :lesson:

Thanks for the supportive comments PJTX100. We tend to disagree about the 745's capabilities compared to the PIO 575. I believe the the Samsungs do a pretty good job and I have carried out back to back comparisons on the same screen with a variety of players.

My personal view is that the Samsung via DVI blows away a PIO 575 via component for PQ on my Sharp. On your projector it may be a different story (seems to be one of your favourite topics)!

But hey wouldn't it be a good idea to mail Samsung (as I believe you or your friend owns one) to fix the BTB and PAL/NTSC switching issue.

Hear you have an Oppo which I believe is essentially a CA DVD79 in a less stylish case with the bugs fixed. I used to have a DVD79 which did have a PQ superior to the Samsung - It would be good to try and resolve its firmware issues.

So I have e-mailed CA to try influence them to update the DVD79 firmware. Maybe you can too something for the Samsungs.....?????????????



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Oof. So many toys thrown out of the cot. Calm down, it's only a DVD player matey. If the 745 "floats your boat" then great...PJ :)


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Don't worry - my toys are still in my pram !

Go on, send Sammy UK an email it might help....

Glad to hear you like the Oppo.


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Unfortunately the v2.0 on your link is for Russian(english) HD745's and doesn't fix the true black issue. Functionally I believe its the same as Europe(english) V1.0.

So please all you HD745/945 owners keep e-mailing Samsung.

Still awaiting my official response despite many more e-mails !



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Your persistence is appreciated!...PJ :)

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