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I have been a bit of a Rush fan for about 35 years. With Neil's passing and Rush's final live shows, I thought I would write and perform a song which would be a little tribute. Of course, I'm a HiFi fan too, so I wanted to try and get the mix and production up to a decent standard (like it used to be done - without compressing the hell out of it).

This is a quiz about how many musical nods you can spot in my song.

Yes, I know I am a crappy singer - so there is no point in mentioning that. And the playing and riffs are no where near as good as The Trinity - that goes without saying. And the style? Yeah, well, less said about that the better, perhaps!

I count 11 musical nods in total.
Lots of nods in the lyrics

Part 1

Can you spot the musical nods all and list the songs they refer to (ie try to copy)? There may be nods to the same song twice or more.

Part 2 (Nerdy fans part)

There is a chord in there (near the end) which is easy to hear - Alex plays it as an F11 but I had to transpose it up to G#11 - but it is still sounds great! Tip: Alex actually claims this chord as being "his". And I think he may be right - I have never heard it in another rock song (although it is probably in plenty of jazz numbers).

(a) Name two Rush songs where Alex uses the F11 chord.

The song name and the chorus name (even the backing vocals on the chorus) are clues from a video of Rush which can be found on YouTube. Clue: Neil Peart was "the doctor". My questions:

(b) How many shows were cancelled on the tour due to the accident?
(c) What caused the accident?

The winner will be the one who gets the most correct answers to (a)

If you get the answers to (b) and (c) then you're a genius and should enrol in detective school.

Here is the song:

Good Luck!


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