calling all plv30 owners



Can anyone who owns a sanyo plv30 still, post there picture settings, just cant get mine right without the pic looking too dark, too light, too green etc etc, tried test disk(ntsc) but cant work out how the test is working, nothing seems to change on screen.
Hi Geoffc10

My picture settings are as follows:

----Component Prog Scan-----S-Vid

Tint---------------30----------------- -




I always start from "Normal" if I've been over tweaking. When I press Normal I get flat 32's across the board except Sharpness and Gamma which are both 8. I'm guessing that what ever mine was originally calibrated to was then set to be middle 32 on the user settings. Anyway, Normal should give you the original settings whatever the user settings show

I usually find that from here, I have to nudge colour up, red up a bit and green down a bit. Also it sometimes pays to nudge contrast up a bit as well. Never go up on brightness. If you need more detail in dark scenes, nudge the gamma up slightly in stead. Nudging sharpness up slightly can sometimes help the detail, but I find this really depends on the disc. Some look more pixelated than others, in this case I reduce Sharpness slightly. Nothing too much though. I find that when calibrating with disc, the image always ends up too dark for my liking, although I don't have a great deal of experience with this, mainly just THX optimizer really. I also tried a Hoya FLD filter at one time. This again made the image too dark and didn't improve the image overall in my opinion.

I have all my service menu settings as well, but it was established way back that service settings vary, and often quite considerably, from PJ to PJ so I don't think it would do you any good.



Just had a peak at your web site.

I noticed that while your DVD player has component out, your pictures show that you are using S-Vid. Is this so or are the piccys out of date? I have to say that I was using S-vid with great results until quite recently. I do think that people sometimes right S-vid off too quickly. The difference between connection types, certainly s-vid v RGB and component, is sometimes less than people would have us believe. However, if you have the option anyway, it might pay to compare. You probably already have.

Anyway, impressive site and nice room :smashin:



thanks for taking the time to post your settings and thanks for your comments on my site.
yes i am use s video instead of component, this is because when i use component input the pic judders on screen, it has already been back to the workshop, had new inners put in (had to wait for parts from japan) and still the pic judders. i just gave up in the end cause i was living without it for so long plus my cinema build was in progress so i live with it till i can afford something better(been looking at the sim2 pjs). also ,couldnt go for the z1 or z2 cause they are short throw pjs(dont want the pj in front of my seating, looks naff and had already mounted the pj on the ceiling. dont want a sony hs10/20 cause they look naff to me.
as you say, using s video isnt bad quality, but didnt notice that much different running component really (to me!)

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