calling all panny TH42PA20 owners


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A bit of history.... after 4 days of fantastic viewing, the power went and never came back. Looking through various posts it seems a power supply problem affecting some TH42PA20.

i've spoken to Panasonic about this and they admit there is a problem with a "small batch" of models but could not comfirm model serial numbers.

If owners that have had problems could list their serial numbers then it might narrow down the problem batch.

John Lewis have sold completely out of the 42 inch as well and are not going to be getting anymore.


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Having had a "easy" day at work, ive been looking at the USA and it seems panels built in June, July and August may develop a problem with the power supply. After sept 1st Panasonic upgraded the units so should be ok. FYI my serial number was YD3420212. Also havd a reply from Panasonic today with this info :
To clarify, I would explain that we have had reports of random failure with
early production of this Plasma Television. However, this random failure
has not been identified as a batch problem and, as a consequence, there is
not a list of serial numbers to avoid.

This sort of backs up what the guys over the pond are saying.
Hope this is of some help.
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