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Calling all LG 50PX4D owners who game!


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I have pretty much decided to get the LG 50PX4D along with a xbox 360 but would like to hear from existing owners who game and your experiences so far. Did you break in the TV for 200 hours before gaming? Any screen burn?

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I used my screen on low settings for the first 100 hours and I played XBox 360 for probably 50 of those first 100 hours. I have noticed retention quite a lot from such things as the rev bar on PGR3 but no burn. I switched the HUD display on PGR off quite early on because the retention scared me and its still off now, I will probably wait until 200 hours becasue it goes back on.

I have recently switched to 'normal' picture settings but I'm still going to go a bit easy on it until 200 hours.

I have found the absolute best cable for picture quality is the monster VGA but it isnt cheap. Well worth the money though imo, games look and sound awesome.

I'll try and put some pictures up when I get home from work.

PS: I dont think you will be able to find one of these screens now anyway, it has been replaced I think by the 5D but I'm sure it will be very much the same.


I haven't done huge amounts of gaming on my 50PX4D (as of yet) not for any reason other than I just haven't had the time. However my brother also has one of these TV's and he has played quite heavily on his Xbox 360 using the TV. From what I remember, he said that on one occasion he had played for about 4+ hours and noticed image retention on the health bar, which stayed on screen after he stopped playing the game (but was only visible when the screen was turned off or black). Being image retention (and not screen burn) it cleared after a few minutes. At this point his TV had been used for about 120 hours.

Seeing this he turned on the "Orbiter" function in the TV menu, and used the engineers menu to set it to move 15 pixels every few minutes (I think the settings he used were to move 3 pixels, with a step of 5). Since using this he has never had a problem with image retention whilst playing games, and doesn't really notice the image move.

(And just to clarify, he only uses the "Orbiter" function when gaming. For normal TV/Movie viewing, he has never had a problem and neither have I).


vancreef said:
what exactly does this screen option do? (i've lost my manual)
At a regular interval it shifts the image a few pixels in a certain direction (typically it moves in a circular motion - up, down, left, right). The idea is to prevent image retention and screen burn by moving the image around. It's useful in situations such as playing games that have static items on screen (such as health bars) or when watching 4:3 material that has borders on either side. Theoretically, by regularly moving the image around any static items on screen move and don't burn into the screen.

By default I think the setting is set to move 1 or 2 pixels every 5 minutes (that's from memory though, so I am probably wrong). Using the engineers menu you can change the settings so the image will move up to 15 pixels in a direction, and at intervals as low as 60 seconds.

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