calling all FFDSHOW upscaling users


Hi I am using FFDSHOW my self to upscale DVD`s from standard resolution to 720p with some filter tricks and I am gobsmacked by the picture Quality on my hidef HD72 projector.

I am just wondering If you guys are planning to buy HD players or are more than happy with the end results of FFDSHOW that you are just gonna stick to upscaling.

Me my self I am more than happy with upscaling but all ways seem to want a new toy to play with.

Your thoughts ?



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Upscaling is cool and ffdshow does a fine job, but it's no comparison to real HD material. That blows your socks off on a projector :thumbsup:

On a side note, what settings do you use? I use

Blur and NR - denoise 3d, luma 0, chroma 0.5, time 4
Sharpen - msharpen, strength 15, threshold 15
Resize to 1280x720 with Lancsoz set at 2 and everything else 0.

Does a very fine job though the sharpening does introduce some small atifacts, on the other hand it gives a nice feeling of extra detail. This is with a 3GHz P4. I'm always interested in what other people use as there are so many settings to play with.


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I use an HTPC and a DVD/scaler, feeding a DLP on to a 92" screen, depending on what I'm watching.

I have no plans whatsoever to get an HD player and have no idea when that may change. Right now the BD vs. HD battle is a mess, there are pitifully few titles annonced or available, players don't exist yet for most intents and purposes .. and the HDMI 1.1 vs. HDMI 1.3 fiasco will help confuse things even more.

So while it's true HD is noticeably better than upscaled SD .. over the weekend I compared an OAR rip of Harry Potter 1 in 720p againt the PAL upscaled using my Lumagen and then the PC .. there are far too many unknowns and what-ifs to my mind to begin to consider this techonology.

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