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I had today off work to play with the new toys and i managed to hook up my DVD via Component and optical out to the 3802 and then run component into the Plasma. Lovely, really pleased with the sound response.

However the problem has arisen when I try and connect the Video into the Denon via Scart (from video) to S video (VCR1 input on the Denon) and then into the Plasma via a dedicated S-video out from the Denon. Nothing happens, no sound, nothing.

I am using Prowire connections which work a peach on the DVD but this has me stumped. Even changing the input selection on the Plasma to show S-Video input still displays nothing.

Very grateful for any ideas? Also would like to hear how others have routed their video through the Denon


The Hardware description is as follows

Panny Plasma P5
Kef speaker package
Denon 3802
Pioneer DV656 (DVD)
Toshiba Stereo Video (about 5 years old)


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Does your video definitely output s-video?
Have you tried connecting your video to your plasma panel directly to eliminate you amp?
Also you wont get audio through an s-video connector as it only carries video, you'd need additional phonos.

Cheers, Paul

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Thanks Paul

I forgot to mention that the cable I am connecting the video with is Scart to s-video, if the video does not output s-video does this matter if I am going from a Scart output?. Also at the other endo of the Scart - s-video cable are two phono plugs.

Does this make a difference?



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Does your video recorder support Super VHS (S-VHS)?

If it doesn't, then you won't get an S-Video signal from it (regardless of what cable you use).

The best you'll get is composite and for that you'll probably need a different cable (Scart to 3 phonos, one is yellow for the video signal and the other two are the L/R audio feeds).


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The 3802 doesn´t convert video signals from one format to another.

As mentioned, you´ll only see output from the S-Video monitor out if you are feeding an S-Video signal from an S-VHS Video or source that has S-Video output.

To get output from your current video you would need to connect to the amp using a composite video lead and then another from the composite video Monitor out of the amp into your TV. Easier just to connect straight to the TV to be honest.

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