Calling all Artisan LX/Advent DHE2000 owners!


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I'm after some fellow Artisan/DHE2000 owners to perform a little test for me so I can establish if there's a 'fault' with my system or if it's a general 'feature' that affects everyone!

Generally I'm really pleased with my DHE2000, it uses far less of my time than my previous MythTV install!

I am having an annoying problem when using standby. If the system is in standby and it wakes itself up to perform a recording there's no s-video output. The PC is up as it does record the programme and I can access shared folders. It's connected to my CRT TV using S-Video and the display is blank, if I RDP to the PC I get disconnected after entering my username and password. If I VNC to the PC I do get a connection but just a black screen, although I can see the cursor. Interesting if I press any key on the wireless keyboard the screen comes back to life. If I'm not at home I have to wait for the recording to finish and the system enter standby then if I wake it up manually (using a WOL client) it's fine again - so I don't need a reboot to get the s-video working again.

I do not get this problem when the PC is connected to a PC Monitor so it's only affecting S-Video operation. I don't have a screen saver configured nor do I have to enter my password when the system resumes.

If I use hibernate instead of standby this problem goes away, but using hibernate raises a different issue! Which means the PC won't boot (about every 10 hibernates) so it's worse.

Anyway I'd appreciate hearing from anyone else that owns one of these if you get the same problems?

My model has the Intel 915 mobo, the BTC wireless keyboard and ATI (MSI) X300 gfx card.

The system is completely up to date with MS patches and running the latest ATI Catalyst drivers. I've enabled the force TV detection in the Catalyst CC but that didn't help.

Thanks in advance for your help!


this is by design for media center 2005.

if the machine wakes itself up from standby to record a scheduled program, it has no audio output and only a blank screen. The power setting in control panel (timeouts) will dictate how long after the recording has finished the machine will go back into standby.

the alternative, of course, is that it wakes up at 3.a.m. to record a program and starts blasting the audio through the speakers.:suicide:

I belive ms chose the lesser of the two evils.:D


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Are you sure about this because I have managed to fix this at some point in the past, although I'm not sure how and can't repeat it!

And remember when I have a monitor connected up instead of using the S-Video I can use the PC as normal when it's woken itself....

When your PC is in this 'automatic resume state' can you try RDP'ing to it and tell me the outcome?


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