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Its been a couple of months since the start of Sky HD and I know a couple of you on this forum own hitachi 5200(not the H version). I was just wondering are you still impressed with the quality? There was some doubt that it would work but on previous posts things seem to be going ok. I'm debating whether to purchase SkyHD and I would like some input from fellow 5200 owners, plus any pics would be extremely helpful( it might even sway the wife).
Cheers Lordbilly


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I have a non-HD Ready Hitachi 5200 and as long as the box is set to output 1080i there are no problems. When first setting up I had to connect the scart lead so this setting could be changed in the menu.

Picture quality is great (most of the time, see other post)



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Hi lordbilly,

I also have the original 42PD5200. I, like you I suspect, had some horrible doubts early on that we had "backed the wrong horse" and the lack of 720p/50Hz capability would prove a fatal obstacle to HD nirvana!

It was a real bonus that (1) Sky decided to put everything out in 1080i and (2) if they ever change their mind, you can force the box to output 1080i.

Overall I am very pleased with the PQ (although I prefer component over HDMI -> DVI, both work fine) - plenty of "oohs and aahs" from family & friends.

You will have picked up from other posts on the forum that the PQ is dependent upon the source channel, with BBC HD up at the top. The SkyOneHD output (that which is in HD, that is) is also generally good (Enterprise, Las Vegas, Eureka etc)

So, in summary, works great !:thumbsup:

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