Call Of Juarez Demo On Marketplace


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There's a Call Of Juarez demo now on marketplace if anyone didn't get round to playing it


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Better late then never I guess. ;) :D


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I hated the demo personaly ...... i was gonna get the game but the demo has firmly persuaded me not to ..... thank god for the demos. :D

I wasn't that fussed on the demo either, The video at the end showing the game made it look quite good though.


Played through the demo twice, even on the hardest setting it was way to easy. I found the jumping around on boxes to be very tedious and time consuming. Why can they just have a climb button? I don't try and jump onto a box when I want to get into my loft !

I also found it very difficult to see some of the enemies and they were very accurate considering they were firing from the hip :eek:


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I hated the demo personaly ...... i was gonna get the game but the demo has firmly persuaded me not to ..... thank god for the demos. :D

Totally agree. Way too much box moving for my liking. Wouldn't have been quite as bad if the physics worked better when trying to jump onto a box though!


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I played the demo yesterday and thought the game was very poor. Didn't even finish, as it was so crap (to put it bluntley)



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The game is ok, but it was more a case of finishing it for the sake of it rather than enjoying it.

Maybe worth getting when it comes down to a tenner.

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Single most frustrating game I have ever played. All I did was jump on boxes and look for ways to get to places. Its not much more than a platform game. What really frustrated me though was the fact that I wasnt actually allowed to play the damn thing. Every few steps I would have control taken from me and have to read a box of useless text or watch a cut scene :boring: They would even pop up mid gun fight. One interuption too many and I turned it off in anger.

Rubbish :rolleyes:


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CAn't believe it is getting slated. I bought the game and I for one really enjoyed it - it does get a lot better than the demo lads - honest !! And MP is great too.


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Okay but nothing special. Someone needs to do a big western game with an open Oblivion style world.

So whats the fastest you got on the quickdraw game, I got 1.97sec with a fast headshot.


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I've just rented this game out, forced myself to play it for a couple of days then sent it back. It's not that good at all.

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