Call of Duty Gamepad Nightmare



OK, I know this game doesn't support gamepads or joysticks but most modern pads and sticks come with the software to map keystrokes, so there shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong!

I've tried a Thrustmaster Firestorm wireless USB pad and a Logitech Dual Action USB pad neither of which seem to be able to successfully map W, S, A and D on the D-pad. I can successfully assign jump, crouch, prone, etc. to the buttons but the D-pad refuses to move me in any direction. Has anyone had any success with a pad on this game? If so, how did you do it?
i dont know why people insist on playing a FPS with a pad !

Mouse and keyboards are faster and easier.
you should forget the pad m8
I had the same problem mate. I've a thread somewhere!!!

Mouse and Keyboard are, unfortunately, better.

The only plus of using a gamepad with this game is it might make it last longer!!!!!

Stace :D
I use a Logitech Cordless Trackman in my right hand for freelook, fire, backup weapon and weapon change. I use the D-pad part of the gamepad for forward, backstep, strafe left and strafe right. The reason for using the D-pad is that I can control all movement with my left thumb which is waaaaay easier than using the keyboard. I used to have a programmable gamepad that linked into the keyboard cable and could 'learn' keystrokes, this served me well for about six years until it finally gave up the ghost. Looks like I'm knackered then?
It's a pain.

On the basis you can usually map 'keys to buttons' I went out and purchased a PS2 gamepad and usb adapter.

Bought Call of Duty and then Tiger Woods.....neither of them use or will let you map with a gamepad!! What a load of ******!!!

Tiger Woods on the PS2 plays significantly better than the PC so why do you HAVE to use the mouse and keys?????

I just bought an XBOX, I'm fed up with PC game configuration problems. There's no excuse for it nowadays!!! If they can port games across platforms then they can port the controller options.

Stace :D
Cracked it! I reassigned forward, backstep, left and right to the keyboard numeric pad in the CoD config screen. I then loaded up the mapping software for the gamepad and assigned the D-pad to 8, 2, 4 and 6 on the numeric pad. Voila! Everything is now hunky dory.

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