call of duty freezes? help!!!


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Apr 25, 2001
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Just loaded COD and gutted to find it freezes a few seconds into the game. Been to support website and did all the tweaks eg close everthing, reduce sound accelator, settings at 800 x 600, all to no avail.

I am running win98se on a 700emhz cpu, 384mb ram and 120gb on the hdd where I installed the game, video card is a geforce 256 32mb. Is there any other tweak I can try?

What version of direct x are you using. COD needs 9b (try running dxdiag)and I'd make sure your nvidia drivers are up to date. I think your machine is getting a bit long in the tooth now but should still run the game ok since it uses a modified quakeIII engine:)

Hope you resolve your issues as it's a fab game although rather short. Not played a game as intense for ages and it's a great fps in the vain of medal of honour on speed if you've played that.
Thanks for reply. I have direct 9.0b. I did all the suggested tweaks and it runs but freezes every few seconds, I now have the dreaded Illegal Operation messages on opera and outlook, using avanti just now. Loading the drivers from nvidia was an ordeal as well.

I think I will have to do a complete re-install of everything but PC is Nov99 and I have got loads of stuff on it and the thought of all those updates again from MS leave me cold!!

Is XP that much better?? The game looks nice but methinks I will have to wait.

Xp is the best os I've ever used much better than 98 anyhow. It's much easier to use, is more stable and has better functionality all round. It offers a restore facility too so if you install anything that conflicts you can roll back to how you had it before with no problem:)
How about building yourself another machine. You'll be struggling to run the current crop of games coming up (doom3 et all). You could butcher your current system (hard drive, cd rom etc) and build a base unit for around £350.

worth thinking about:)
I think I will go down the road of a new system and keep this as a spare. I should add it got hit by lightning about 2 years ago and fried one PCI slot so mabye all my problems stem from that. Still 5 years is not too bad these days.

I am thinking of building my own PC but its a bugger when glitches occur. I like that roll back feature on xp.

I know a few games are due eg unreal 2004, half life 2, and that is why I was trying COD on tbis old PC so that would keep me going until year end!!

You can certainly get a lot more pc for your money - alot more than you could 5 years ago lol. If you give me a budget I could give you some pointers. The most expensive part these days is the graphics card you can pay anything from £20 to £350 for a top end card:( still you can build a good system for around £500-£600:)
I was thinking of getting a dell dimension for about £1300.00 with a 3.2 cpu and a 128mb video card Ati Radeon et etc.

I am not in UK at mo but go there in a few weeks and I am thinking of buidling my own so any tips most welcome. I have a 17" ultra scan monitor and it is great but would not mind a flatscreeen if it was good for games.

Don't do it:(
The machine they're offering could be built by yourself for £300-£400 cheaper. You'd be using better components and tailor it to your needs. I know it's more conveinient to buy one off the shelf but Dells are vastly over priced and tend not to be upgradable.
Even if you where to buy the top spec components(CPU, G card etc) you could still get a pc <£1000.
I am on the dell site now customizing a pc and the price keeps going one way --- UP and UP!!

I will check your links in a moment. Watching footie.

The nvidia drivers are

Version: 53.04
Release Date: December 9, 2003

3 other people besides me, with a Geforce 4 card (or less) had the same problem with COD & 5x.xx drivers. Try 45.23's. They sorted out the problem for 4 of us.

you can get them


thanks dean I may give those a go. I am not that techie and tend to do as I am told witout question so NVDIA say u must uninstall using add remove progs before loading new drivers and then switch off but when I did that I had windows going crazy looking for new hardware etc etc. In the end I pressed cancel and got in to where I had downloaded the zip file and managed to get new drivers. I had tried the game with older drivers but of course I have forgotten what they were.

Is there a simpler option for updating drivers? I am afraid of messing things up but no doubt I will try as usual.

You've got me interested now and I just looked on NVIDIA and it had 2 versions, one says english and the other says international?? Last night one said US ENGLISH so I opted for the international. What do I download or put it this way which did u download?

Is there a simpler option for updating drivers? I am afraid of messing things up

I used to use a 'cleaner' utility called detonator destroyer to remove any unwanted files after using the usual 'add-remove program'. I dont really bother with that now though, and havent had any problems.

The link i gave you is for the english WHQL version (same place i got mine from), and should be self-installable. Dont worry about not getting them direct from Nvidia. Guru3d is a good site, and i've downloaded a lot of drivers from them.

just to say thanks for all the help but could not get that game to run. I am now goinmg to get a NEW PC from DELL( sorry) but I have looked at quite a few options and this is the best for me personally.

Will no doubt post back for more help.

It might be a little latenow, but have u tried turning fast write off in your bios??

I had the same problem and heard this might fix it. Worked for me.
is the game any good is it better than moh
More of the same but with steroids. I have never played a fps that's is so intense. A little short imo but a quality game all the same:)
It got "game of the year " at the baftas.

So switch off fast writes open your bios buy hitting the relevent button on boot up (usually delete). You should find it under advanced bios features or something similar under the graphics section. You should find an option to enable or disable fast writes. Disable and save before exiting your bios.
thanks hawklord I will try that a little later and see if it works and if it does I will be chuffed. I am on WIN98SE at the mo so I hope this trick still applies.

Been keeping an eye on your plight gbmitie. I think all in all you really need a new PC. Are there no local independant pc suppliers who can sort a decent machine for you?
no deansimm, I will get that one from DELL yet, by the way they are 23 miles from me at the present!! but when I had ordered I rang in to get a futher discount and would u believe I was offered a better deal but would have to cancel the 1st order and re-order and pay again?? Whoah with DELL that was too risky so I declined but they took my money on 23 rd feb and had cancelled my order 19 Feb, I only found out by order tracking.

I have raised a bit of a stink and order has been re-instated but it is just like I ordered again so another wait.

By the time I get it there will be a new COD!!!

At least you'll be able to play the likes of far cry, doomIII and half life 2 with a new machine (provided you've got a good graphics card).:)

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