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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Galil, famas or the ak74u?


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Ok so yesterday i thought i'd cracked it, i thought id found the best gun for my needs and that was the galil, with extended mags and a supressor. But today i didnt do too well with it. Yesterday i declared the famas overated and decided i was rarely going to use it although i went back to it today and did better, i also unlocked the ak74u and people give that rave reviews.

Im level 25, and i want to know what gun would be best for my needs and one i could use most often,

the galil with a suppressor and extended mags (or any other suggestions you have)
the famas (open to attachment recommendations)
the ak74u (again open to attachment recommendations)

aside of all this is the mp5k worth it?

Looking for a good all round gun with good short range as well as long distance, what do you reckon?

Dave H

Prominent Member
I like the Galli but I'm looking forward to the AK47.

Deleted member 174041

I've only found the ak74 useful if you have rapid fire on, but then long distance is a no no.

Famas is good but ive not used the AUG yet.

Dont like the Galil with the iron sight so I need to buy RDS and test it with that.

I cant use warlord so two attachments are out the question due to me missing SOH to much.


It's a difficult decision as I have found the lobbies I get into are inconsistent. One day I'm on fire using the 74u, the next day a full clip won't get me a single kill.

My favourite gun is the Commando, at the moment anyway.


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Aug is probably my go to gun.


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Depends on the match you are playing. The game has a rock, paper, scissors mechanic so it's a case of having the right tool for the job.
this is why there are loadouts.

to cover each situation you should have a load out for each of the 5 weapon classes.
the additional loadouts that are unlocked in prestiege mode are to allow for 2 of each for minor tweeking.

personally I use a FAL mostly. Its down to your play style.
My loadouts at the moment:
fal tweeked
spas 12

as I said no one weapon covers it all and if you change weapons regularly you level up faster.


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Famas with Rds, LW / SOH / NINJA was the first class I found 'easy' to use.

Galil, silenced, GHOST / SOH / NINJA gets me a regular k/d over 2.0 (kills usualy in the high teens)

Twin makarovs on both classes

I will try other AR's as they come available though (I'm only level 27ish)


Distinguished Member
The famas is the gunn one used the most.but silenced at distance.it is crapand i cant use it at distance without the silencer it bounces to much.the Aug is better
I tried the ak47.its evben more bouncier that mw1/2.that's with silencer.

The Aug for big maps.the famas for medium maps.the AK74u /famas silenced for smaller maps.


Distinguished Member
I've only found the ak74 useful if you have rapid fire on, but then long distance is a no no.

Famas is good but ive not used the AUG yet.

Dont like the Galil with the iron sight so I need to buy RDS and test it with that.

I cant use warlord so two attachments are out the question due to me missing SOH to much.
Have you tried the dual mag attachment?its like soh,but not as quick.pretty handy if you use warlord.


Established Member
My go to gun is the AK74u. It works for me on all maps at the moment, been ranking up around 2.0 k/d on that particular weapon since I unlocked it. Just tap the R1 button when firing and add extended mags with scavenger and you can't fail, especially on smaller maps like Firing Range and Nuketown. I have had some pretty fun matches with it. ;)

Looking forward to AK47 which is a great weapon. Recoil does not cause too much problem as it bounces up and down rather than all over the place like most other guns.


Established Member
Mostly AK47u with Ext Mags & Grip for small maps and Famas with Ext mags & RDs for bigger maps. I also have RPK for maps like Jungle and Crisis

Edit: 200th post hooray


Established Member
it all depends on your play style, but i've had the AUG set up in 3 different classes for different things and it works a treat in all of them


Prominent Member
Has anyone tried the Commando? One of the lads in the office says it's the best gun in the game.


Established Member
Maps and game mode seem to determine my choice. Then there is always a Go To class we all have, in games where you're getting it handed to you, or lag is an issue; for me that a silenced MP5.

My loud run class isn't the AK anymore, as the accuracy I couldn't get consistent; so currently quite enjoying the PM63 with extended mags - very accurate.

OP mentioned being rank 25; one more and you'll unlock the AUG, a class weapon for medium distance, but you get nailed by people with the Famas at longer distances. The AUG seems good for clearing a bunch of people at medium distances. But apparently the Commando puts them all to shame.

Might try the ak47u silenced and see if thats the equivalent of the ump45. Really not liking the inaccuracy.


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The Galil, AK47u and the MP5 cover all my requirements. They are on all my classes now. I really should try something else.

@ stu i dont bother silencing the AK47u, weakens it to much. I just stick Grip on it with RDS, sorts the accuracy out for me.

rob j

Established Member
Commando is a beast. Going straight from the Famas to Commando I immediately started getting another 3-4 kills more in each life.


Novice Member
unlocked the cammando and the G11 , they are beast's i mean absoluteb killing machines . dont think ill prestige tbh cant face losing them . the AK74u is still my go to gun in close quarters


Distinguished Member
famas with extended mags at the moment, will try the commando once i unlock it. Aug seems pretty handy too.

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