Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One AVForums Review


Bought it but havent had the urge to play it.... :confused:

Halo master chief overshadowed cod this year :thumbsup:


Got it for the SP and to fill a gap until Halo: MCC came out.

Can't see me returning to CoD soon


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I was 50/50 on the new Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle with 1TB Hard Drive and copy of this as well, but after checking reviews of both the Xbox One and 360 versions and footage online, I'm sticking with the 360 version...still looking pretty good and plays the same on multiplayer, bit like my current fave Titanfall that I also play on 360 along with BF3 and BF4...Still not ready to jump to next-gen yet...was almost tempted by the new Xbox One Halo Collection Bundle but again have them all on 360 and still love them on there...Oh well maybe a new Gears of War can make me make the jump;)

Paul Mela

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Played the SP campaign and its just feels like I'm treading the same path every year. I'm getting bored of it tbh. Still there are plenty of games coming out in the next couple of weeks to make me forget about COD. Here's looking at you Dragon Age Inquisition you better be good:D


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I loved single player. Thought it was excellent and visually outstanding. Sonics through headset are incredible also.
I have no urge to go online at all with halo now out (although I'm hoping after going through campaigns they'll have it sorted). Very impressed this time and Spacey was excellent.
I would agree with guns review that the vehicle sections are a joke now. In this release they are absolutely ridiculous and add nothing. Please remove them in future
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I found it to be a distinctly average by the numbers shooter to be honest.
Graphically the cut scene animation was fantastic but the in game graphics could of been better. On a different note though, it is great to play and I found it very smooth for the main part and its nice that they tried something different but it still is essentially "Call Of Titanfall" or am I the only one that thinks so?
Still a better game than Ghosts though, but then thats not too difficult
If i had to score it - 7/10

niall campbell

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Loved the older games.

Two Claymores and rooms had only 2 entrances.

The fun has long gone, the wide open maps of say the Russian cemetery with the middle bunker was awesome.

Hold the bunker or run around being sniper ?

Then there was the computer room in the submarine place,

Or the desert with the two bunkers and the cave

Or the farm one , all distant memorys

Why not go like Halo, one big remastered set ?


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I finished campaign tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't care at all for the vehicle sections though or the double jumping.
I'll revisit it again at some point though. Graphically and sonically it was outstanding

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