Call Of Duty 5 WaW Hosting Problems


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Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times b4.

I know little about how the game works, I am writing on behalf of my 10yr old son.

He can join co-op matches fine. However if a friend invites him to join a private match/party or he does the same he gets an error saying that he can't join the network or something (apologies for the vagueness). After doing some rudimentary googling I found information suggesting that COD5 required specific ports to be opened and assigned to the device at the gateway. So, using a BT Home Hub I created a new entry for COD5 as follows:

Protocol Port Range Translate To ... Trigger Protocol Trigger Port

UDP 3478 - 3478 3478 - 3478 - -

UDP 3479 - 3479 3479 - 3479 - -

UDP 3074 - 3074 3074 - 3074 - -

UDP 3075 - 3075 3075 - 3075 - -

TCP 80 - 80 80 - 80 - -

TCP 443 - 443 443 - 443 - -

TCP 3074 - 3074 3074 - 3074 - -

TCP 5223 - 5223 5223 - 5223 - -

Once I had created this entry in the table I assigned it to device XBOX which is set to receive a leased IP via DHCP but also to always use the same IP (a suggestion I had read was necessary). Therefore all traffic being passed to these ports should be forwarded directly to the XBOX and no other device.

Despite this my son still experiences the same problem. He can access XBOX live, play many games online and even in COD5 can play coop matches... he just cant join or host a private match/party. He also says he has a similar problem with Halo, though I guess thats for another thread.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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