Call of Duty 2 - System Link?

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Dec 29, 2005
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For the last year or so, me and as many of my friends as possible (usually 11/12, sometimes upto 15) have been playing Halo 2 over system link in my garage every Saturday over 4 boxes and 4 TV's.

Now that the 360 is here we thought it'd be a good time to change, so there's 3 of us now (Including me) who have 360's and we're just about ready. I know that PDZ is 4 players per box, upto 16 players (I think) and I thought CoD 2 was the same, but after having a poke around it seems odd.
There's the Split Screen mode, where 4 players can join, but in the system link mode there's no option for other players to join apart from the player who is the server.

Does anyone else know about Sys Link CoD or have any suggestions I could try?

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