Call Divert - Delay (Nokia Only?)

Shady Deal

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I want to get a new phone. On my current Nokia you can set the delay before diverting calls to your voicemail of up to 30 seconds.

Is this feature only available on nokia as I have not seen this function on others.

Can anyone suggest a good nokia phone for me? I have a communicator at the moment which is very good but the phone is not that clear.

My new phone doesn't have to have a camera but all suggestions will be welcomed. Just want one that does gprs wap e-mail etc and is also a clear listening tone.

Thank you

richard plumb

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If you want a Nokia, there is a big sliding scale - I'd suggest taking a look at and clicking on phones to browse.

If you like the communicator keyboard for text messaging, there is the 6800 (soon 6820) which is a small phone that opens up with a full keyboard inside.

Or a basic 3100 can be had for about £100 simfree or free on contract. No camera but colour, can receive picture messages etc.

3200 is basic with camera

7250i is nice one with camera (still free on contract)

6230 is *very* nice and out now or next week. MIDP2, bluetooth, MP3 playing, Camera, you name it.

series 60 are larger 'smartphone' type things. 6600 is pick of the crop at the moment with lovely screen and camera.


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Certain phones do give you the ability to set the delay time on certain divert types. However, all networks support this and if your phone does not give that option you can simply use the direct USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) codes. Take a look here -

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