call connection + wifi issues - a dud or a restore?


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Hello forum,
I'm wondering if you can help before I launching into an afternoon of restoring and re-syncing etc.

I've had two issues since buying the iphone 4s, I transitioned my contract from a tmobile desire on android to tmobile micro-sim.

1. Wifi stopped connecting to my home network.
turned off and on again at the router and phone
renewed release
removed network connection and re input the password
the connection starts but never completes, and I'm left with 3g data only​

2. when making calls other people can hear me, but I can only hear an echo of what I say. It also crackles a bit when in the earpiece which is a giveaway the call wil faill. It might happen 1 in 4 calls I make but hard to say

The two issues sound like a software to me as the wifi worked for a couple of days before refusing to connect, but the call issues have been since day one. I thought it might be a one off type of thing but is starting to become noticeable.

I have a quick search through the forum but didn't find much, are my complaints above common?

Thanks, Matt.


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I've been able to connect to my neighbours wifi (with permission ;) ) so it looks like an issue at the router end.

are there any tmoblie call settings I can check (UK user) to try and rule out the call issues?

Thanks, Matt.
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