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I just calibrated my LG using rtings,
I have a couple of questions concerning the settings i used.
-will changing the color settings, which is currently at 50 effect the white balance settings?
can i raise it to 55 or are the white balance settings based on color 50?
- i can't seem to access white balance settings in HDR mode it's all grayed out in (cinema preset), is there a way around that?
- can i change the color temp from warm2 to warm1/medium, or will it effect the white balance settinfs?

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Copying settings from RTings isn’t calibration.
You need a probe and software for that.

If you are just trying to get a picture that is pleasing to the eye rather than accurate, then using their settings as a base and tweaking is fine as they won’t be correct to start with.


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In answer to your question, yes, changing any colour settings will totally screw the grey scale - which determines colour balance and to a lesser extent gamma.

So long as you have set the brightness and contrast up correctly, there's not a lot more you can do without a meter and some software. Best bet is to look at flesh tones and known colours such as grass and blue sky, as this will give you an idea of the colour balance.


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As above copying anybodys settings isnt calibration...... Its just changing your settings, each tv is different from the factory so inputting someone else's settings will likely make your image worse


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These calibration disks below are a good start. Obviously many of the colour and grey scale patterns are meant for a proper colorimeter calibration but sticking these on a USB stick into the side of the TV and setting the brightness and contrast using the corresponding patterns on an ISF Expert/Cinema mode is a huge improvement over doing nothing.

Also RTings suggest Gamma 2.2 where many cinema enthusiasts suggest a gamma of 2.4 in a dark room environment for more pop. Try both but remember to re-calibrate brightness and contrast after changing the gamma setting.

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