Calibration guide: Sanyo Z2 for beginners


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Nice work buns. :)


Very useful guide. Good one Buns.

I don't know if anyone has reached any conclusions about what happens to red as bulb usage mounts up but (subjectively speaking!) red does seem to be reducing in my case (c.250 hours on the clock).


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Nice piece of work ad, listed in the FAQ........

Whan can we expect a report of your findings with the HT1100 - are you keeping it ?

All the best,



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I think you'll find Kramer he's saying the 1100 he's selling is a friend's, not his own which he says he's keeping.


Just checked - post "elsewhere" is gone now but it did say he was selling it as no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't fit it in his room.

Confused :confused:


hi guys..... you can expect my ht1100 report soon.... I do have one sitting on my shelf as we speak, but i missed delivery of my own :(

I pulled the post elsewhere since it wasnt me posted it..... :confused: yup me too..... I have also concerns about fitting it in, but having not really even tried im not ready to sell up just yet! I have an anamorphic lens coming to try out as well, so id be confident i can make it fit! :)

I really shouldnt turn this thing on..... its not mine after all! But i dont know i can help it :eek:

In any case, the HT1100 looks a nice package, i love this little carry case i was given it in! :D

all the best


ps. the thread from the other forum has now been moved here since i have authority to sell ;)

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