calibration does need investigation.



Do we all see the colours of the rainbow the same.

I dont know one thing I do know regarding audio calibration every room resonates at a certain frequency and every surface and diiferent surface texture effects the audio from a system there are loads of factors to think about even the temperature of your room will effect the frequency of a sound drastically in about 6 degrees up or down also your sense of tempo changes due to what you eat or how much sleep you have had.

So you can try to eliminate phase cancellation and so on but how you hear sound and what you think sounds good is relative to what you hear regularly what you have heard in the past and where you are hearing from. to coorectly calibrate for 5.1 in your seating position means that it is incorrect for your friend etc sat over in the left right near your rear surround speaker.

When I am working in my studio my audio monitors need to tell me everything so tracks arent played on varying systems with varying results you have to balance a medium for big club systems to small mono radios to sats and subs.

So unless their are real problems with resonance and sub in your room I wouldnt worry abut paying for someone like me to come into your house and tell you that it sounds great.

However with visual its slightly different because how you set your picture could have an effect on your tubes life span.

Peter Parker

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In theory, we all should see light in the same way (unless with a visual defect), and this is called 'The Standard Observer'. Colorimiters are set-up to with colour filters to see light in the same way the Human eye does, and that's what allows calibration to D65.

Home cinema is a compromise for most of us in one way or another, and some of us may not even like D65, but if you want to see your movies 'as the director intended', then you have to either compromise your display or what you see on it. :)


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