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Hi All

I've been looking to buy a calibration disk and just realised that I can rent it on a free trial from one of the new online rental schemes such as Blockbusters and Tescos have set up.

My question is, is the documentation that would come with the disk if I bought it essential or could I get by with the disk alone?



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Regarding Digital Video Essentials, you could get by without the documentation. You would, however, have to deal with the less than intuitive menu system.


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Also you will need the colour filters to set the colour level. My dve disk didnt come with any paperwork, all the instructions are on the disk. You will need the disk for quite a while as its not that easy to get to grips with, even if you have a basic knowledge of what youre doing already. :eek:


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Also aside from the Basic adjustments, there is no explanation of how to use a lot of the test cards.

There is an awful lot of waffle about why you need to adjust the picture... but not enough explaining all the additional cards.

Has anyone got a proper instruction sheet or done a help list?



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The explanation provided in the DVE DVD is for setting the standard TV picture controls, i.e. contrast, brightness, colour, hue/tint (NTSC only) and sharpness (incidentally, surround sound set up is also included). The other test cards included are there to enable you to diagnose whether your TV has any problems with geometry, convergence, etc., with the idea being that you would get a professional to sort it out once you know what is wrong.

It is true that an enthusiastic amatuer (and I include myself in that definition) can use the test cards to adjust geometry, overscan etc. via the service menu, but it is not recommended, hence there are no instructions provided on how to use the test cards. Also, service menus and nomenclature differ between manufacturers, and even within one manufacturer's range of TVs, therefore it is difficult to provide proper instructions.

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