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I own a Panny AE500E (UK model - discount tv)

there are 6 basic viewing tweak modes (normal-dynamic-cinema1-cinema2-video-smooth). - can't quite remember name of last one, but makes image 'smoother'.

Using recent THX video calibration discs, video and smooth are within THX parameters, with normal just about passing (first screen of whites is borderline pass).

However, when I put on an older THX disc (> 2 years), ALL the above modes failed the tests without additional tweaking.

The problem is, there are so many menu's in the AE500, I could probably spend the rest of my life 'tweaking'...

Also, ALL modes look fine with certain films, but other films look better with other modes.

As a result, I end up just switching the mode on a film to film basis (and generally ignoring the THX calibration).

I was just wondering if you're meant to do this or if you are meant to set it up once for DVd (maybe twice if also connect a ps2) and leave it like that? Am I doing something wrong? Also, is there a definitive setup disc I could buy that would leave me with the perfect setup (no need to then continually go into the picture menu)?

PS in case you haven't guessed, I'm a complete newbiw at this - having recieved my first projector last week:D


Is it possible that the 2 discs were from different regions? NTSC/Pal?

Most PJs store settings based on source/type so if calibrated for Pal, your NTSC "settings" could be different.

I still prefer Avia above all other calibration discs. Large thread in the powerbuy section with Avia for <£30 IIRC.


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As strange as it may seem, I think you'll find each THX disk is optimised for the movie on the disk, and can't really be used as a blanket calibration tool like Avia.


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Thanx guys.
Yes, the older disc was Region 1 but the two newer discs are region 1 and region 2.
It must be film by film then.
I'll see if I can get hold of the Avia disc (anyone got a direct link?)

Tanx for your help :)

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cheers Kramer :)

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