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Jan 5, 2002
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Have you guys had any joy calibrating your DLP using Digital Video Essentials or Avia?

I only ask as I have tried using the tests patterns on various THX DVDs and on changing the constrast level it does not appear to have any effect on the 8 white boxes etc.

I also read on the AVS forum that Avia and DVE are not ideal for Digital TVs.

If anyone has any experience they would like to share it would be most appreciated as I do not wish to waste my money on either of the above if they are of limited use!



P.s I own a Tosh 46"
The THX optimiser isn't that good for my 51" CRT based RPTV either.. the contrast makes little difference, I can always see all shades of white..

This does mean the TV is performing well though, I'd be more worried if you couldn't differentiate all the white boxes..

I found AVIA etc much better, and the brightness/contrast setting is much much better..

The main reason people say they are not that good for digital displays is because there are a few settings that are really to curb problems with the power supplies not being able to deliver in CRT's... (mainly with White->Black transitions).. this does not exist for a digital display...

However, its nice to have better patterns for setting Brightness/contrast/sharpness and even Hue(for NTSC).. and of course you can check your colour decoder performance.. and check all the test patterns..
Hi Demon,
Thanks for the quick response.

I have the NTSC version of Avia which is probalbly no use for my PAL setup.

I just havent got a clue what levels to use, every thing is on the factory setting at the moment, constrast 100, brightness 50, color 50.

Maybe some Tosh users can share their settings.


I have the contrast and brightness down to 55,colour at 45, tint at R1, and sharpness down to 35.The colour temp. to medium.This is close to the settings of my ISF calibrated rptv,and visually looks very close.
I don't know what an isf calibration would accomplish with a rptv.I may look into it in the near future.
The factory settings are pretty bad.

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