When my home cinema arrives I have to hide all the cabling or my wife will kick my butt - so I need a lot so it can contour around door frames etc.

What is the best kind of speaker cabling to buy and how much should I expect to pay per metre? Where can I buy it (cheaply) and from people who know what they are talking about? Oh and I don't want stuff that's dead thick - I need thin unobtrusive gear that is easily hidden??????

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Probably better to try posting this in one of the more audio-orientated forums. Perhaps the speakers one. More likely to find some of the speaker cable experts over there.

Best place to start would be to work out how much cable you are going to need, than decide how much you want to spend per metre. Cable can be anything from 50p/metre up to silly money. But it needs to be in proportion to how much you're spending on the rest of your equipment. It's quite common to see of figure of at least 10% of your budget being for cables (including interconnects and speaker cable etc.)

If you don't get a response from the forums, try looking in one of the magazines for further info. I think it is in What HiFi that they have a section at the back with a round-up of their best buys for different pieces of AV kit. This includes speaker cable.

The cable most commonly quoted in the mags in their test articles etc. is QED Silver Anniversary.
QED website link

This is around £4.50/metre on the couple of sites I've just visited.

Are of course lots of others out there for less than this.

If you want the flat cable stuff for ease of hiding, then this is also out there but quite pricey.


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QED Silver Maestro @ £4.99 a metre is pretty flat, for running under carpets etc...


Originally posted by StuartAllen
Oh and I don't want stuff that's dead thick - I need thin unobtrusive gear that is easily hidden??????
Ixos do a cable that is flat, Ixos 611/10 round about £1-50 per metre should do the job nicely. Ixos flat cable

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