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No doubt this has been covered before, but what is the maximum length of cable you would use from the projector to a source?

I will probably be running a Scart cable, but think I need about 15m :confused: - is this too much?

Also, I will probably be running a power cable with it - would this cause any problems as well?

Cheers All



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The length of cable that you can run will be dependent on several factors, the main ones being type of signal, type of cable and the device outputting the signal.
Composite, component and RGB tend to be better over long runs than S-video.
I'm guessing if you are using scart, the chances are it's RGB and if your source has a healthy output and you use a good quality well screened cable, you should be fine.
Try to avoid running mains cables parallel with video cables.


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The cable is Scart - but my source isn't RGB (yet).

Bit of a thicko question - Can you use an RGB scart cable from a non-RGB source? This way I can put the cable in ready for when I upgrade my equipment....?

Not running the power parrellel shouldn't be a problem, but what about running two video cables such as Component and Scart together, or is this not recommended either?

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