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Cabling up my receiver and dvd recorder



Hey all,

I have a question but first I must tell you my existing set up.......I have Freeview with a Humax 9200 helping me to record all programmes, etc. I also have a satellite receiver which I have connected to my main tv via one of the scart connections!

What I want to do is record from my satellite receiver as well. It has 1 scart on the back. How do I hook this up?? What would be simple to me (but I am probably wrong) would be to go scart from satellite to the DVD recorder......and then a second scart running from DVD recorder to TV.....?! Is this right or wrong?? Please note the satellite receiver only has one scart on the back.

My full unit wiring at present is below, please note that due to only having 1 'RF out' on all my units (unlike my old Sky receiver!) I dont have RF going into my TV in living room, rather I have only scarts (so no analogue downstairs, but who cares!) and the RF out on the last unit within the loop goes upstairs via an amp to bedrooms. I tried everything to split the RF Out to both TV and lead going upstairs but the picture was awful, hence I only use scarts in living room - no big deal I guess as I only really need RF Out going upstairs as scarts do the job and I couldnt care less about not have analogue in living room. See below:-


Freeview feed>Freeview Box
Satellite feed>Satellite Receiver
RF Loop.........Freeview>Satellite Receiver>Lead going upstairs.

Scarts to Television:-

DVD Player (to be chucked) - Scart 1
Freeview - Scart 2
Satellite - Scart 3

Also part of the issue for me is that I like to use all my equipment upstairs. By that I mean I have one of those transmitters and have duplicate remotes for everything - hence I can record Freeview in main bedroom, change satellite channel, etc. Will there by someway of doing this with the recordable DVD player - ie, if I can get it within the RF Loop somehow!? I am guessing if the answer is yes then it will need an RF Modulator? If I can somehow get the recordable DVD player in loop then I would be able to get rid of DVD player in bedroom as well and have just one DVD player downstairs and control it with a remote from the bedroom?

Sorry for all the questions........most of which are no doubt very basic for some of the guys on this website!!!!!!!!!!!

My next and last question is what DVD/Hard drive to buy - if the above can be done then it has to have an RF Modulator, other than this I couldnt care less about things like editing, etc - I dont need all that stuff.......just a basic DVD/Hard drive recorder with (if the above can be done) RF Modulator???

Thanks all,


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