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Cabling up my Philips 32PW9528

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by gremalkin, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. gremalkin


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    Hi All - I have just got a Philips 32PW9528 and I would appreciate your advice on how best to connect my Panasonic DVD S-75 player and Panasonic 130 SVHS video recorder. I don't have any Sky or digiboxes - just an aerial strapped to the chimney connected with co-ax.

    I thought it was just a case of using a SCART to connect each of these to the back of the television...

    For the DVD
    how do I tell the Philips that it is to treat the incoming signal as RGB - it seems to come up on the screen as CVBS. Panny is set for RGB output. Does the Philips detect what type of signal is coming in? Should I be using the Composite option (that is Y/C, right?) instead and if so, how?
    Do I need to connect any audio cables from the DVD to the TV? I do not have an external amp and the television has a dolby decoder inbuilt - using the telly's inbuilt speakers for now.

    For the SVHS
    what connections do I need to make? Is the SCART enough? How can I be sure that the SVHS signal is being used? Audio connection needed?

    For the aerial
    Currently plugged into the VHS and then chained to the telly to the co-ax input. Surely no other option as I record analogue broadcasts at obscure hours (spot the OU student) when the television is off.

    I admit to a large portion of ignorance in many matters - including AV cabling.... so if someone could tell me how they would set this lot up it would be much appreciated.

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