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I've almost finished cabling my house. The only problem I have is how to terminate the final phone line upstairs. Here's the setup so far:

BT Master socket downstairs has a cable running to the loft terminating to a normal BT Socket, then to ADSL filter then the router and wireless access point via cat 5e.

My problem is that I want to put another spur to the spare room. I also want to run a network cable down to there. The network cable is easy, I'm running that to an RJ45 socket. What I need to do is terminate a phone line here as well.

What do people suggest? My ideas so far:

1. Run a cable from the loft phone socket to the spare room and terminate to a seperate BT Socket. Then plug in another ADSL filter.This wouldn't look nice though.
2. Run a cable to a RJ45 socket, connect a RJ45/BT Socket convertor/ADSL filter. Quite a few convertors here. Would it work?
3. Terminate to a RJ11 connector. Not sure how I'd connect the ADSL filter.
4. Anyone know of any other connectors/sockets that would help me out? Idealy it would fit into the RJ45 socket box.

Edit to add: There are BT master/secondary sockets available at Maplin/Screwfix. Do these take normal BT connectors or do you have to use a RJ45/BT convertor?


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A quick and dirty fix is to use one of the pairs of the Cat5 cable.
Unless your planning to run Gigabit speeda, plain old 10/100 leaves a spare pair in the cable.
Telephone signals will work with no problems over Cat5:)


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That I know! My question is how to terminate it at the end where I want to plug in a phone.

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