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Cabling Out

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by digisocialist, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. digisocialist

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    Sep 5, 2004
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    I am chasing cable from one side of the room to the other and need to go up and over i.e. through the ceiling. I will have a TV positioned at the opoosite side of the room to my AV rack and the cable is going up 50mm Conduit into the ceiling and across. I think I need to run a Scart cable for the TV (only other option is S-video but I'm not sure how this would work in my set up) As Scart leads have large connectors, this is problematic when chasing out the cable runs; I would have to create a big opening.

    Q1 - Can scart cables be bought with detacheable connectors so I only have to run the cable before affixing the connectors?

    Q2 - Is S-Video an option? The proposal is DVD->AV->TV. Could I use S-Video for Picture only assuming the AV would route sound from the DVD to the surround speakers, but how does this work from the TV signal into the AV? Would S-Video carry sound back to the AV for normal teresstrial watching?

    Q3 - Is there another way? E.g Scart on TV to Component IN on AV?
  2. dj_johnnyg


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    Lets take these one at a time:-

    I'm not aware of any such cables. These cables would suffer from reduced quality with the introduction of extra joins in the link (4 instead of 2). You could alway try constructing your own cables from seperate cable & soldering on the connectors after channeling the wire.

    S-video is for video transmission only. Connecting the DVD to the AV via s-video & audio, and then the video from the av via s-video to the TV will work, and will give a better image than using a standard video phono (yellow) lead.
    To get audio from the TV back to the AV amp, you would need to run a set of stereo phonos from the TV to the amp. (Assuming your TV has audio out).
    I am also assuming you have no external TV tuner (eg, Sky or freeview)

    I'm not sure of any TV's that can output AV from their Scart sockets. (Why would you want to watch your TV on another TV?)

    IMHO, the best course of action to take is to use SVHS to connect the DVD player to the TV (Via the AV Amp - if you want to take advantage of the video switching). I would also run a stereo cable from the audio out of the TV, back to the AV Amp.

    Do you have any other bit's of AV kit that you will be connecting up? If so, then this route will not be very useful, as when you add new kit, you will probably need to channel new cables in your walls.

    Have you considered running the cable in the floor?

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