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Cabling help for TV, VCR/DVD combi, Satbox & Freeview

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by wimbledon, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. wimbledon


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    Please could you tell me how to connect the following:

    Pro Logic TV (Hitachi C2976TN) with 2 Scarts (AV2 & AV1), S-VHS socket, Video In socket, Audio In L & R sockets, & Aerial socket. Set-up is via 5 speaker system using the TV’s own amp.

    Sat Receiver (Pace PRD900+) with TV/VCR coaxial socket, aerial coaxial socket, Audio Out L & R phono sockets, TV Scart socket, VCR Scart socket and Decoder Scart socket. Set-up is for analogue TV from Hotbird & Eutelsat feeding into two LNB scckets.

    VCR/DVD Combi player (Toshiba 33vb) with Video In jack, Audio in L & R Jacks on front panel and on rear panel Aerial socket, RF socket, AV2 Scart for pay-TV decoder, Set Top Box or another video recorder, AV1 Scart for Audio/Video (VCR In+Out/DVD Out, S-Video Out socket, Component or RJB mode switch and Optical Digital Audio out jack.

    Philips Freeview (DTR1500) adapter with VCR Scart & TV Scart, Digital audio output, Left & Right Audio out, Aerial in socket and RF out socket.

    Any help much appreciated.


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