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Best place on the web to get optical (TOSLINK) cables without going mad? I need 2 x 5m cables for DVD (dvd doesn't have coaxial connection :confused: ) and SKY+.

Maplin have them for £21.99, any good?



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so as to make sure they are sturdily made, for a 5m length its worth paying around £15-20 a cable...dont bother paying any more as its just the looks you pay for with

Profigold make good sturdy and reliable can buy even cheaper, but sometimes you find things come


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It may not be cost effective for one optical cable,but I can highly recommend BlueJeans for all cabling.
I recently ordered some speaker cable,and was informed quickly that the 12-gauge cable I ordered was out of stock.I was then given the 10-gauge for the same price :thumbsup: and the cable arrived in 3 days from Seattle :eek: .
They basically sell the same stuff as the much praised Mark Grant,only cheaper :) .
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