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Cables with Denon 1905 no AUDIO

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ryounglaw, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. ryounglaw


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    I recently bought the AVR-1905 and I am still learning the features. Yesterday, the audio on both the DVR Cable Box and the DVD Player stopped working. I do not know whether my girlfriend pushed a wrong button on the receiver or something happened to my monster optical cable. I do not believe anything is broken because I hooked my Xbox up to the RCA port and it will play thought the front speakers. Also the radio works just as before in surround sound, so I know its not my speakers.
    The one thing I have noticed is that the DVD cable box is set AUTO but they constantly read analog. I thought they should read digital. All the digital optical cable are hooked up and are fully connected. The assignment is correct and I have already reset the microprocessor. I was hoping there is something I missed, like a button that is stopping the receiver from receiving optical signals. I just do know. If it was either the DVD or the cable box alone I would think it was the cables. But they both stopped working at the same time. Please help?? Can it still be the cables

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