Cables under the carpet for rear speakers?


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Jan 6, 2003
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'm in the process of adding multi-channel capability to my existing hi-fi system. I'm not sure what to do about cabling for the rear (surround) speakers though.

Would I be best running the cables along, up and over door frames and skirting boards, etc, using some sort of elegant trunking? (if such a thing exists! - perhaps HomeBase can help?) OR would I be better off running it under the carpet?

In order to achieve full WAF (!) I need to make these cable runs as discreet as possible. Under the carpet is the only way I can think of. there an "easy" way to run speaker cables under the carpet, around the perimiter of the average UK living room? My house was built in the early 1990s and I must admit I haven't tried lifting the carpet to see how it's connected to the floor.

My preference is for QED speaker cables, as all the other speakers cables and interconnects in my system are the same. My rear speakers are B&W 600 S3 and I use QED's Silver Anniversary elsewhere but I'm wondering if this might be too thick? Perhaps a thinner cable might be more appropriate if I go the 'under-the-carpet' route.

Comments and suggestions gratefully received!
you could try here and see if this fits the bill. You should be able to get it from most hi-fi shops. Ixos also do a flat cable, and I've no doubt other manufacturers do too.
check out accesories section of, the skirting board trunking sits at the same height as grip tape so is invisible under carpets.
QED do a flat cable but haven't seen anyone doing it off the shelf yet. You can order pre-terminated lengths from QED dealers if you can't find any off the reel.
I use Ixos 607 flat cable with a self adhesive strip to run under the carpets for my rear speakers. I also use Silver Anniversary for the fronts

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